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“Win a Voucher Campaign”

■JR京都伊势丹3楼 免税服务台

JR京都伊势丹将在每个月20日到月底举办以海外游客为对象的“Win a Voucher Campaign”。活动期间中,只要您在JR京都伊势丹店内消费满50,000日元以上(含税),并在下午5点以前到3楼免税服务台办理免税手续,每50,000日元(含税)便可获赠一张刮刮卡,一次免税手续最多可获10张。刮刮卡请您当场刮开,刮中就送您可以在地下1、地下2楼食品卖场使用的购物券(3,000日元/1,000日元),未刮中也可以得到一份精美的参加奖。每月下旬都有的大好机会,千万不要错过。

JR Kyoto Isetan
“Win a Voucher” Campaign

■From the 20th to the end of every month
■JR Kyoto Isetan 3F Tax-Free counter

JR Kyoto Isetan holds a “Win a Voucher” campaign for customers visiting from overseas, from the 20th to the end of every month. During the campaign, overseas customers who have spent more than 50,000 yen (including tax) at JR Kyoto Isetan and completed a tax refund at the 3F Tax-Free counter by 5:00 p.m. will receive one scratch card per 50,000 yen (including tax) spent (max. 10 scratch cards per tax-free procedure). The cards must be scratched off at the counter. Customers with winning cards will receive a 3,000- or 1,000-yen shopping voucher that can be used on the B1 and B2 Food Market floors. Even customers without a winning card will be given a participation prize. Why not try your luck in the second half of every month!
Note: The shopping vouchers must be used by the expiration date.
Note: No change will be given for partial use of vouchers.


■地点:JR京都伊势丹3楼 免税服务台


★Show this web page to win a gift★

■Period: From September 27 (Wed), 2017
■Place: JR Kyoto Isetan 3F Tax-Free counter

Receive a free gift by showing this web page at our Tax-Free counter.
Note: This offer will end when stock runs out.
Note: Ask our store clerks for details.